PSDclip ensures our social and ethical behaviour is in accordance with the international labour laws and human rights legislation. We are a responsible company and take an active role in the local communities where we operate. We believe in equal opportunities for all of our employees and have both genders represented throughout our organisation.



We Practice the below for all employees

  • Competitive salary based on skillset and experience
  • 5 days / 42 hours work week with overtime compensation
  • Yearly bonus (1 month’s salary minimum)
  • Employee of the month bonus
  • Fair career opportunities for everyone with annual, open performance assessment.
  • Approved Time off for local holidays and festivals
  • Full salary for 6 months during maternity leave and 2 weeks paid salary for paternity leave.
  • Sufficient bereavement leave for all employees
  • Comfortable working environment
  • Monthly tea and coffee allowance
  • Fun team building trips

Contact a Member of Our Team

info@psdclip.com +1-415-621-9528